5 Positive Things You Can Keep Yourself Busy with during Lockdown to increase productivity

learn skills during lockdown

We are all lockdown that’s ok, but how we use the stay at home this period really matters,

What the stay at home should mean for Everyone is to invest in personal growth and learning relevant new skills.

Five Things you can Learn During The Corona Virus Lockdown

  1. Build Self Confidence

Working on your confidence will motivate you to become better version of self and be sellable even after the lockdown, says Namrata Murlidhar, marketing director at LinkedIn Learning.

  1. Do not Take this Lockdown leave of absence or Vacation

Companies and Businesses are closed right now While affected workers will, therefore, have more free time on their hands, activities are also limited to the confines of your home due to widespread lockdown measures during the pandemic so this shouldn’t be a vacation to you rather the time to bring out the best in you.

  1. Learn Essential Skills for your career to a Sound return to work

“Keeping yourself stimulated and finding new ways to learn essential skills can make the eventual return to work smoother or open doors to new opportunities in the future

  1. Communication skills

the importance of communication skills, both verbal and written, with a focus on the ability to be “clear, concise and logical cannot be overemphasized my advice is to invest your time in developing or improving on your communication skill”

  1. Organization skills

Some of us a super skilled and talented but lack organization skills, this has a very huge effect on how productive we are as an individual so if you not so good the time is now to braze that up, Creswell said. Organizational

What will you learn now after reading this Post?

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