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Nigerian Top 3 Trending News:We located Chibok girls but Jonathan didn’t allow us rescue them,Nigerian named one of UK top 25 influential people,Vector and M.I Abaga’s beef

We located Chibok girls but Jonathan didn’t allow us rescue them

According to him, British troops from the skies above a forest three times the size of Wales, we managed to locate some of them Former president Goodluck Jonathan has been accused of refusing help when Boko Haram kidnapped 274 school girls in Chibok, Borno state. The allegation was raised by former British prime minister, David Cameron, In For The Record, his memoir and published by The Cable.

According to him, British troops traced the location of some of the victims and offered to help but Jonathan refused. “In early 2014 a group of its fighters centered the government secondary school in the village of Chibok, seizing 276 teenage girls. They were taken to camps deep in the forest. The Christians among them were forced to convert to Islam. Many were sold as slaves, entering the same endless violent nightmare the Yazidi women suffered. APC backs Britain’s David Cameron against Goodluck Jonathan “As ‘Bring Back Our Girls’ campaign spread across the world, we embedded a team of military and intelligence experts in Nigeria, and sent spy planes and Tornadoes with thermal imaging to search for the missing girls. And, amazingly, from the skies above a forest three times the size of Wales, we managed to locate some of them. “But Nigeria’s president, Goodluck Jonathan, seemed to be asleep at the wheel. When he eventually made a statement, it was to accuse the campaigners of politicising the tragedy. And absolutely crucially, when we offered to help rescue the girls we had located, he refused.


Goodluck Jonathan replies David Cameron over Chibok girls

Former president Goodluck Jonathan has reacted to the allegations raised against him in the memoir of former British prime minister, David Cameron. In a statement released by the former Nigerian president, nothing of such ever occurred. Jonathan claimed that he even wrote Cameron, US president, Barrack Obama, and the then French President, François Hollande, as well as the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, appealing to them for help in rescuing the Chibok Girls.

APC backs Britain’s David Cameron against Goodluck Jonathan “How could I write to appeal for help and then reject the very thing I appealed for?” Going further, Jonathan wrote: “Also, history contradicts Mr. Cameron. On March 8, 2012, when the same Boko Haram linked terrorists abducted a British expatriate named Chris McManus, along with an Italian hostage Franco Lamolinara, in Sokoto, I, as Nigerian president, personally authorised a rescue effort by members of the British military Special Boat Service supported by officers and men of the Nigerian Army, to free the abducted men. “So, having set a precedent like that, why would I reject British help in rescuing the Chibok Girls, if it was offered? “I also authorised the secret deployment of troops from the United Kingdom, the United States and Israel as a result of the Chibok incident, so how Mr. Cameron could say this with a straight face beats me. “Moreover, on March 8, 2017, the British government of former prime minister, Theresa May, in a widely circulated press statement, debunked this allegation and said there was no truth in it after Cameron had made similar statements to the Observer of the UK. Though I am from the south, most of my service chiefs are from the North – Jonathan “In his book, Mr. Cameron failed to mention that I wrote him requesting his help on Chibok. Why did he suppress that information? I remind him that copies of that letter exist at the State Houses in Nigeria and London.

He never called me on the phone to offer any help. On the contrary, I am the one that reached out to him. Going further, Jonathan added that he knew that Cameron has long nursed deep grudges against me for reasons that have been published in various media. At that occasion, he boasted that he would send the team that successfully drafted and promoted the Bill, to nations, like Nigeria, saying inter alia: “I’ve told the Bill team I’m now going to reassign them because, of course, all over the world people would have been watching this piece of legislation”.

“As president of Nigeria at that time, I came under almost unbearable pressure from the Cameron administration to pass legislation supporting LGBTQ Same Sex marriage in Nigeria. My conscience could not stomach that, because as president of Nigeria, I swore on the Bible to advance Nigeria’s interests, and not the interest of the United Kingdom or any foreign power,” he added.


Enrique Uwadiae: Nigerian named one of UK top 25 influential people

Enrique Uwadiae, has added to the pool of the nation’s success stories as he was recognised by the London Standard.

He was given the recognition as one of London’s most influential people of 2019 who are 25 years old or below. It should be noted that Uwadiae was a gang member who turned a new leaf and became a pastor. His significant decision to leave a life of crime happened after he was stabbed. He now uses his new life to inspire young people and others who want to do away with crime and live a life in full.

Exclusive: Vector and M.I Abaga’s beef

M.I Abaga and Vector are two of Nigeria’s top rappers who have been in the news for a while; Both musicians have been attacking each other via tweets and innuendo’s via other social media platforms .

They have also released songs dissing each other. Now, it has been confirmed exclusively to that their issues are real and not a publicity stunt It’s no longer news that two of Nigeria’s top rappers/musicians Vector That Viper and M.I Abaga have been at loggerheads for a while. Vector had gone ahead to release two diss tracks directed at M.I titled The Purge featuring Vader and Payper, then Tetracycling all in the space of three weeks while M.I had only responded via his Twitter account.

Top rapper M.I Abaga’ has released a diss song for rival Vector. M.I has responded publicly to Vector and he has done it with a song titled The Viper. Explaining his decision via his Instagram account, M.I detailed how Vector has hated him since day 1 and how VEC has been jealous of him and his success for a long time. He also used an interview had with the Angeli rapper to drive home his point.

There has also been insinuation in some quarters that the beef between these two acts was all planned and could be a publicity stunt aimed at furthering the career of both Vector and M.I. Vector and M.I Abaga have been at loggerheads for a while. According to two sources close to both rappers, this beef is not in any way a publicity stunt.

The issues both men have with each other are real. Aisosa Okundaye, a PR Executive with Chocolate City M.I Abaga’s record label confirmed to’s Abisola Alawode that the beef is real as real can get. He said: “Hiphop is real to M, as its real to everybody who believes in it. This is not a stunt, this is just artistry in one of its purest forms.” On Vector’s part, his publicist Tunde Badmus also confirmed that “It’s not a stunt. It is real life.” He further said fans should wait to see if Vector will respond.

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