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RevolutionNow: Top Reasons Why President Buhari Thinks that Nigerians Shunned The PROTEST

The presidency Buhari thanks Nigerians for refusing to partake in the #RevolutionNow protest that partially took place on Monday, August 5,2019.

Muhammadu Buhari, according to the presidency, is humbled by the massive support he is getting from Nigerians.

A statement by the presidency calls the protest a failure as it adds that such movements will continue to fail.

The presidency, in the evening of Monday, August 5, reacted to the protest by the #RevolutionNow movement claiming that it failed because Nigerians did not support it.

The presidency also thanked Nigerians for supporting President Muhammadu Buhari during this period.

A statement by Garba Shehu, one of the president’s spokespersons, said Buhari was humbled by the massive support he received from Nigerians while the protest lasted.


While you read the full statement below; we hope to get your comments. lets know if you think along side President Buhari’s Statement or you think that #RevolutionNow will get more followers and supports.

Today, millions of Nigerians went about their businesses: work, seeking employment, attending schools/colleges and caring for their families. By doing so, the millions defended our country’s hard-won democratic rights – by ignoring calls on social media to join a phantom ‘revolution’. There were a few hundred persons today who, for their own reasons, decided to act upon the demands of a group calling itself Global Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria, which went on social media to ask everyday Nigerians to overthrow the government they only elected some six months ago. The president is humbled by the support – not for himself, or the governing party – but for the democratic values of modern-day Nigeria through the wisdom of those millions of citizens who preferred democracy and decided not to undermine an elected government. Today, joining those millions of Nigerians was not only the president and governing party at federal level, but many state governments from the opposition, trade unions, civil society organisations, media and NGOs with focus on freedom of speech. All have, rightly, united in protecting Nigeria’s young democracy and the rights of all to elect leaders and lawmakers.

The Global Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria’s attempt to incite citizens into a revolution against their own democratic rights and interests has failed – as will all attempts to take away from the people their hard-won rights and freedom to choose who leads their country.

What do you think?

Written by Alex Lion


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